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3. a style of 4-sided figure or shape; ♢. There was a pattern of pink and yellow diamonds on the ground. ruit شَكل الماسَه с форма на диамант losango kosočtverec die Raute rhombe ρόμβοςrombo romb لوزی vinoneliö losangeמעוין विषमकोण समचतुर्भुज dijamantni oblik rombusz belah ketupat tígullaga sort rombo ひし形 마름모꼴 rombas rombs bentuk wajik ruitruteromb الماس: څلورنيم پونته حروف: لوزې، معين (هندسه losango romb ромб kosoštvorec karo romb diamant[sort] รูปสี่เหลี่ยมขนมเปียกปูน baklava biçimi 菱形 ромб لوزی شکل کا hình thoi 菱形

3. A rhombus, significantly when oriented making sure that one diagonal extends from remaining to right and the other diagonal extends from top rated to bottom.

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Coatings are increasingly used to give a diamond simulant such as cubic zirconia a more "diamond-like" appearance. One these kinds of material is diamond-like carbon—an amorphous carbonaceous substance which has some Bodily Qualities similar to Individuals in the diamond.

Diamonds manifest most often as euhedral or rounded octahedra and twinned octahedra often known as macles. As diamond's crystal construction includes a cubic arrangement of the atoms, they have got a lot of sides that belong to the dice, octahedron, rhombicosidodecahedron, tetrakis hexahedron or disdyakis dodecahedron.

Nevertheless, diamonds in peridotite not often survive the vacation on the floor.[fourteen] An additional typical supply that check here does continue to keep diamonds intact is eclogite, a metamorphic rock that generally forms from basalt being an oceanic plate plunges into the mantle in a subduction zone.[12]

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In addition, some designs showcase Diamonique®—our most click here popular model of jewelry savored by many QVC customers for much more than twenty years.

Remember the august yet harmonious lineaments, the Grecian neck and check here bust; Enable the round and stunning arm be obvious, as well as fragile hand; omit neither diamond ring nor gold bracelet; portray faithfully the apparel, aerial lace and glistening satin, graceful scarf and golden rose; phone it 'Blanche, an achieved Woman of rank.

With elegant inspiration drawn with the previous with an eye to your future, Helzberg brings Vintage to lifetime like no person else.

One particular facial area of an uncut octahedral diamond, showing trigons (of optimistic and detrimental reduction) fashioned by all-natural chemical etching

Diamonds are really exceptional, with concentrations of at most pieces for each billion in resource rock.[12] Ahead of the twentieth century, most diamonds had been located in alluvial deposits. Loose diamonds are discovered along existing and historical shorelines, where they have a tendency to build up as a result of their measurement and density.

Diamonds are dated by examining inclusions using the decay of radioactive isotopes. Based on the elemental abundances, one can look at the decay of rubidium to strontium, samarium to neodymium, uranium to lead, argon-forty to argon-39, or rhenium to osmium. All those found in kimberlites have ages ranging from one to three.five billion many years, and there might be many ages in the same kimberlite, indicating several episodes of diamond development. The kimberlites them selves are much younger.

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